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Are you ready for a new you?
Of course you are! I'm sure you know by now that no diet in this world will take the wieght off and keep it off. No diet in this world will give your body shape and firmness.
At Got Muscle Health Club we help you achive these goals with a personal Fitness / Wellness program designed especially for you. We incorporate knowledgeable weight training, cardio and nutrition planning to ensure safe rapid results.
We proudly feature the TriFit 600 health and fitness diagnostic system
The TriFIT program is built around the highly-respected wellness technology of HealthFirst and employs the state-of-the-art TriFIT 600 integrated online health management system.

The TriFIT system is capable of assessing a member's current state of health and then designing a custom program of weight training, cardiovascular conditioning and health optimization for them. Assessments include: cardiovascular, biometrics, strength, body composition and flexibility tests.
We offer Personal Training for:
• One on one
• Multiple slots or group training
• Cardio
• Weight Training
• Plyometric
• Athletes...Pro / Semi-Pro
• Seniors
• Developmental disabled
• Meal Planning
• Tri-Fit evaluation System
• Weight loss or Weight gain
• Body Fat Testing